When dementia strikes a judge…

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I wrote on this blog about several federal judges who were stricken with grave mental illness, but the system refused to acknowledge that until there was no denying the fact – a judge gets into a rehab for an alcoholic delirium, or goes wandering in his car and gets lost in the woods, not knowing where he is or what he is doing.

It appears that something like that is starting to  happen to the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

And dementia is the kindest way to characterize what the judge has been doing lately.

Throughout social media, this image keeps occurring.

On my feed, it is constantly offered as a “suggested post”.

I don’t think anybody forced Judge Ginsburg (I cannot bring myself to call her a “justice”, “justice” has a connotation that I cannot possibly ascribe to Ruth Ginsburg) to sell and advertise T-shirts with herself, the retired judge O’Connor and two other sitting judges of the U.S. Supreme Court – Kagan and Sotomayor – on it.

If anybody did, Judge Ginsburg is even more overdue with her retirement.

But, whatever her reasoning for doing this was, selling T-shirts to promote the cause of a group “We Miss The 44th POTUS” while stubbornly presiding over cases of “The 45th POTUS” and while consistently making public statements against “The 45th” is outside of enough.

Retire already.

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